Sunday, January 16, 2022

A new batch of bases and cards

I really love making cards and I typically make bases on watercolour paper and then attach focals and words as occasions arise. I begin with collage, white gesso and watercolour crayons, before adding a bit of stenciling.
I worked on 2 x A3 sheets of watercolour paper this time to get 16 bases. I think they look enticing and full of possibility once cut to size. They will fit stitched to a standard small white card. 
I particularly love the mix of soft colours with the metallic. 
Already had 3 birthdays this year. Happily still using my collage fodder elements.

Friday, January 14, 2022

More Fodder creation with Aimee Bishop

I shared my dyeing experiments inspired by Aimee Bishop in this postShe shared so many cool ideas in our December class and I've had a wonderful time playing with papers, fabrics, lace and stitch. There was mark making on a variety of papers. 
It's a great idea to take photos of your work. I was too close to these and wasn't happy until I laid them out and appreciated them together
Making plaster lace - really glad my lace was different colours to add variety
Then time to use all of the above, plus my dyed materials
as well as other extra papers and fibres from my stash 
to create 3D embellishments : Wrapped sticks 
A reminder about making paper beads - the tiny one is new but the rest were already in my stash so good to bring them out again
Making small layered collages is really fun. 
While I have done similar things previously and adore adding stitch to my projects, this class really got my creative juices flowing. I'm going to leave those lessons there knowing I can return to them at any time. Really want to start our January lessons with Autumn Moon. I can't say enough good things about Fodder School. Every teacher so far has been amazing and I've only watched 3 months = a quarter of the lessons so far! You can still join us.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

52 Flags

I loved participating in Anne Brooke's weekly tag project in 2021 and as soon as I found out about her new idea for 2022 I joined up. Find out all about it via her YouTube video. The project is bunting and you can do entirely fabric ones, or work on a card base. After some deliberation, I decided that I'd like to make mine entirely of fabric. I've cut these bases and will fill one side for weeks 1-26, and then turn the bunting over and complete the other side.
Week 1 : A pocket and note to self. I decided to use some of my lovely home-dyed fabrics that I shared in my previous post inspired by Fodder School
On the back of my tag, I have written a list of the creative projects I've committed to for the year. 
I really love that this project will be hanging on my wall to enjoy right from the start. I'm attaching them with the little pegs and will stitch them once both sides are complete.
From now on I'll post these flags to my Instagram as I make them weekly, and I'll do a monthly photo share here on the blog. You can join us at any time on Anne's Ko-fi page (£3 = around NZ$6/month).
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