Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of the lists

It's time for the last 2 of the 30 days of lists.
Base page 29
List 29 : Songs that make me want to dance
Base page 30
List 30 : To my future self
Found a cute butterfly card for the last list. Here's what I wrote inside:
I've found the 30 days of lists project inspiring, and also (to be honest) at times a pain because it really is quite a commitment to do it in the way I have done.
Here's how it started.
And this is the back cover.
Looking back, I'm glad I pushed through the "don't know if I can get this done" times, because I now have a snapshot of me and what I think in March 2012.
It is wonderful to have another completed journal to add to my pile :-)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Workshop Thursday

Can't believe how quickly this week has gone by. Yesterday I finally got going on that second baby quilt
And in the spirit of tackling projects on Thursday, I decided to get stuck into my fabric cupboard. It started like this!
3 bags of fabric to the recycling centre later and making use of my new plastic drawers, my cupboard is free for other uses and my fabrics are now arranged like this :-)
Still going on the lists - 4 more to show you today
Yesterday's base page
List 28 : My last meal would include
And the day before
List 27 : If I could do it over again...
And the final 2 catch-up lists from last week :
Base page 23
List 23 : Confessions
I liked the idea of hiding them in an envelope
Also cool to have that initial L in the background.
Base page 24
List 24 : I am famous for
And that means only 2 lists left!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday lists

Been back at the lists again today...another day behind cos the weather meant that the gardening had first call on my time yesterday. Enjoying the sunshine knowing that Autumn is creeping closer every day - can feel it in the cooler mornings and darker evenings.
Base page 26
Yesterdays' list : My morning routine
And catching up on another couple from last week : base page 21
List 21 : With an extra hour in the day I would....
Obviously I need about 7 extra hours a day!!
Base page 22
List 22 : My care package
Hopefully some more progress on some other things as well tomorrow - trying to get back to a commitment to workshop Thursday. Share again soon

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to lists

Got behind in doing the 30 days of lists while I was at camp. Since it doesn't really matter which order you do them in, I'm going to continue this week by doing the current daily list, and then a couple from the previous week until I catch up. You get to see 4 today.
As always, the base page first so you can see how pages change.
First today's base page
List 25 : Title options for my autobiography
I really didn't want to cover up that beautiful butterly paper - they became an inspiration for one of my titles, and another you'll recognise as my blog title. The Mummy Look was a superpower from another list, and Lighten Up is my word for 2012.
A week ago we finished with list 17. So here's base page 18.
List 18 : Family Traditions (you can click on any photo to see the detail)
Base pages 19-20 are a double-spread of Alice images. Again, didn't want to cover them up.
List19 : Dear_________, you can make me happy in the following ways.
This became a letter to my boys - a mix of what I feel proud of already, and my dreams for them as they grow into men.
List 20 : Favourite memories.
Hope you are enjoying the lists. Not long until the end of March now.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to reality and creativity

4 days of school camp with Sam was fun : wet - sunny - busy - happy - exhausting
I will treasure my certificate, received on the last day of camp.
Got back Thursday afternoon and have been spending the time since running around madly trying to catch up on washing, restocking the pantry, taking boys to cricket games, catching up on emails and other people's blogpostings, and sleeping...not necessarily in that order!
Not managed to do anything new creatively yet, but a few things to share from the days before I went away.
I got some lovely papers for the bargain price of $1 each at Spotlight!
a pack of tapes
and this lace paper (also $1) which I think will become a stencil for sprays....
You can see I selected these new supplies because they will appear in my black & white based 30 days of Lists art journal
Before I left for camp I finished reading this
Really enjoyed the characters and the way the story developed
Am currently reading this
So far I'm intrigued...
My sister-in-law had a birthday last week so I made her this card
And then I went off to camp, and when I came home I discovered that Wendy from Late Start Studio has given me a blog award! 
I've never been given an award so it was a lovely surprise. Unfortunately it's one of those awards that then asks you to nominate 15(!) more blogs and share 7 things about myself : go to my profile if you want to see the blogs I follow -- far more than 15 to keep you happy ;-) -- and I'm sure you find out quite enough about me by reading my blog!
During my online catch-ups I've come across a few blogposts worth sharing ::
Check out this new art journal video from Roben-Marie - what I like most is that it shows her entire process to create a page...the things that work first time, and the things she changes her mind about part way through. It makes me want to get back to complete this workshop which I am sad to say I last blogged about in November - maybe more next month!
This is another art journal post from Donna Downey - okay I didn't have the spare 20 minutes to watch the video, but I was inspired by the pictures of her pages in that post. Gorgeous colours - scrummy texture created with modelling paste through a stencil...will have to go back and investigate this when I have more time.
Wonderful use for string and buttons by Geninne (if only I had such artistic discards!)
Beautiful stitched and mixed media pieces by Carolyn Saxby featured in an exhibition this month in Cornwell - if only I could go....
Do you know Helen Cowans' work? I love this Indian Panel.
Now I don't know whether I am inspired or just completely overwhelmed by my to-do and want-to-do-one-day lists! Maybe I should just go & get some more sleep ;-)
Talk to you next week...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A week of lists

Sharing a whole week of lists this post. Sorry it's so many in one go, but if I don't share it today you'll have to wait another week!
Click on any picture to see it bigger....
This was base page 11
List 11 : Right now I am...
I loved the base page bird cage paper which I mainly covered up, but I had some lovely rub-ons in the same theme so just went crazy with those....turns out I really like this page although I didn't feel inspired when I started.
Base page 12 was a plain white page which I re-based with stripey paper
List 12 : Superpowers I would like to have
Decided I would use an old plastic gift bag to create a see-through envelope for a tag for this one. On one side of the tag I have listed the super powers I would like to have
and on the other - the super powers I already possess that I wouldn't want to give up!
The Mummy Look is -- "I can't find it, we need a mummy look" which always seems to work. "Do everything at once woman" is what Craig says I am - can't just do one thing at a time.
Base page 13 - a piece of leftover wrapping paper
List 13 : 10 Years ago I...
Note the spray through stencil in the background - a little spider webby I thought (no link to the list though!)
Base page 14 was simply a blank piece of watercolour paper. I went the painty way. I have plenty of creative tools and toys...just need more time to spend with them.
List 14 : Tools and Toys to try
Base page 15 was just black paper so I glued a black based serviette down.
I really liked the effect of the serviette and on a much later page in the book you'll see that I've glued down the same serviette's centre layer. It's kind of ghostly with some print of the top layer butterflies showing through.
List 15 : Overheard today
Base page 16 - a small piece of serviette glued down
List 16 : Pet Peeves
Base page 17 - a larger piece of the serviette above
List 17 : Favourite days of the year
Enjoying 30 Days of Lists....need to get back to spending more time on the Letter Love class (I'm missing it) and that other baby quilt. One day I'll have some more spare time...just not this week! Enjoy the end of your weekend.
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