Friday, May 31, 2013

Mystery Piecing

I've managed to sneak in a wee bit of stitching before the end of May. This month was Part 3 of Susan Claire's Chain Reaction Mystery Quilt. No cutting any fabric this time. Stitching instructions resulted in 9 pieced shoo-fly blocks
A friend sent me this which you will enjoy if you are a stitcher (click on it to read it larger) : 

I've been thinking about quilting mother-in-law pieced a quilt top and I offered to quilt it. It should be next on my list since I was hoping to have it done for her for Christmas....last Christmas that was! Anyway - I've been thinking about it....I picked up this great book from the library which has some great modern quilting patterns in it
Get a sneak preview via Amazon here
I particularly like the ideas she has which combine patterns.
She has a lovely blog with great photos of her her quilting.
To be further inspired, check out this flickr group :: Quilting Inspired by Angela Walters
And check out another review of the book by Fresh Lemons - it's another cool blog of modern quilting.
Hoping that June's going to be a more creative month for me. See you again soon.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspired by Colour

Frustrated by lack of creative time this week. Hopefully next week will better. I have managed one new watercolour crayon background spread inside this book
Techniques learned from 21 Secrets and wanting to explore much more with these new lovelies :
Enjoyed this arty fashion shoot --lovely stills here
Discovered lots of lovely texture, stitching and colour at Facile Cecile's blog.
And I've had Flora Bowley's book out from the library
Take a look inside via Amazon
I've been soaking in her colourful works at her blog and website
"True Nature" by Flora Bowley
I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend with 8 girlfriends at Raumati Beach. It will be a great time to recharge my creative batteries.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Silver Thimble

I got this thimble last week. It is silver and especially valuable to me beause it belonged to my lovely Gran, aged 102, who died last week. And before that, it belonged to her mother, so I guess stitching is in my blood. Gran wore the rose gold bangle every day, and now it lives on my wrist.
I also got these back

It is lovely to see that the fabric cover is now marked with use from all the times she showed them to visitors. So it's been a sad time, but also a time of celebration for a life lived with great joy
Be back here soon....
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