Thursday, June 21, 2018

Still Stitching : quilt progress

I've accumulated a lot of fabric over the years and decided it's time to get stuck in and make some stash-busting quilts. I LOVE this selection of Poppy Fabrics 
and I also love this pattern by Valori Wells which shows off the fabrics.
You can find the link to get your copy of this free pattern HERE.
This quilt began because of my #100daysofstitch project. And I was inspired again recently by this article - better to leave completed quilts than fabrics ♥ The goal is to leave gifts for future family and for those in need - to leave completed treasures for my quilting friends - to leave proof of my creativity, passion, ingenuity and persistence. I'm not planning on leaving any time soon, but I've got a large stash to get through..... 
This project was last seen here before I decided to concentrate on one stitch project at a time. I finished cutting my fabrics last week
It was a bit more challenging than it might have been since I'm using fabric from my stash rather than purchasing the right amounts of fabrics. I've had to change some of the block sizes and block arrangements but it's looking good as I begin to put it together
I look forward to sharing more progress soon. I'm also very lucky that at work I'm able to lead weekly craft club sessions this term. The girls are making excellent progress on their quilts and are very excited that they are starting to stitch now. 
So rewarding to share this joy which will hopefully become a life-long love of stitching for some of them.


  1. That quilt will look wonderful when it's finished - I'm glad to hear you're not planning on leaving any time soon, LOL. It's funny though I was thinking just the other day, what's gonna happen to all my stuff when I'm gone? By that time I will have accumulated even more stash and finished projects - I would hate for that to be a burden for my son to get rid of. But we're still here and going strong so let's not think about that! You're so lucky to be running a craft club as part of your job - and of course, they're equally lucky to have you! xx

  2. Thanks - I am really excited about both projects ♥ Be a while til mine is all done, but stitching progress every week is good. Enjoy your weekend xo


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