Thursday, June 7, 2018

Watching and Reading

I've started June with A LOT of basketball watching - my eldest son was in the Under 19 Nationals Tournament representing Manawatu (in green) and they got Silver medals - there were lots of proud moments ♥
Since I've not had time this past week to make art, I thought I'd share a couple of lovely books I've recently had out of the library. Even if you can't get your hands on the books, I've provided lots of links so you can explore virtually ♥
Take a peek inside via Amazon HERE and read an interview and see more lovely photos from the book in an interview HERE. This book is a delight to look at - beautifully photographed and put together, with inspiring projects included. There's even 12 months of online lessons for purchase HERE. The book evolved from a class - see how it came about HERE in an interview with them both.There are a few projects I'd like to try, and it was also fun to remind me of the mandala project which I did with Faith Evans-Sills in Life Book 2016 HERE.
Check out the blogs of Faith Evans-Sills HERE and Mati Rose HERE. They continue to do lots of collaborative work.
Another very inspiring art book : 
Take a peek inside via Amazon HERE. You can see all Stephanie's blog posts about bible journaling HERE. The faith journaling part doesn't inspire me, but the lettering, doodling and stamp carving do. This book is worth checking out for the way she approaches art journaling generally. 
Check out other arty books I've shared on my blog HERE. I'd love if you shared some good arty book recommendations with me in the comments.


  1. I remember that lesson well - gosh it must have been two years ago now! I've had that book on my wish list for a while but forgot about it - I always wait for prices to drop a bit - they usually go down after a few months. I've got Tam's book in my basket at the moment - I might just add this one to my order as well - I would not want to borrow art books from the library because I know how painful it would be to return them! I haven't bought any books since Christmas, so maybe I can get away with buying two of them now! It wouldn't be the first time that I end up buying something after visiting your blog!

    You must be so proud of your son's basketball achievements - I would be too! xx

  2. Amazing how time flies! Would love to repeat this project....I've got Tam's book - it is also lovely. Just wish I had time to do some of the projects - lots on my creative to do list at present. Your comment about the library books made me smile - I love our library and am very sad when they cancel something that I don't see in a book sale! I don't think you'll be disappointed with this one. Happy weekend ♥

  3. Thanks for these links and info. Enjoy your reading and watching time!


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