Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Year of Rumi : Fall in love....

I've already done an art card for our Rumi prompt for February (see my previous post) but loved Effy's original lesson so much I wanted to try that technique out in my art journal. I began with a much loved colour for me : purple
Then some gatherings of what I think I want to include - silver paint, new stencils, favourite tapa hand-made stamps and older stencils, plus some newly printed tissue paper 
I began with the mandala stencil in the background, and sketched my figure in using my new white watersoluble pencil - (note Office Max in NZ also stock the Stabilo 8052 white but not the day I went!) Then I added some more stenciling around the figure
Loving this but already know I'll have to use that lovely tissue for another project! Isn't it incredible how quickly ideas change? This is part of why I love photographing my process along the way. A bit more stenciling needed in her dress. I used the silver paint again since thinking a glaze over that will be nicer with some light detailing beneath.
Dina Wakley's heavy body paint "Night" has a purply tinge so perfect for this hair (thinned down a little with acrylic medium). Then I decided to add my other loved colour of turquoise for the glaze on her dress
and added it in a few other places too including to surround her hair. I did something different for me this time which was to add facial features with Faber Castell Pitt brush pens.
The lettering and hair detailing was done with a Pentel silver hybrid grip pen this time, and I added a bit of extra stenciling to tone down the too-bright areas in the background
Followed Effy's lesson pretty closely this time for the face shape and figure/hair position (see bottom of post), but love that this still looks like my work in the end.
Find out more about the "A Year of Rumi" class with Effy Wild HEREYou can also enjoy this class by joining Effy's Patreon account and paying monthly. See all my posts from this class HEREThis is a picture of Effy's original : see photos of her artwork so far this year HERE.


  1. Very nicely done- her face is so dreamy looking. I love the mandala stencil in the background, too!


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