Monday, August 7, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 31

I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 31 : Add a pocket and fill it full of your week's treasure!
And from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE : Technique: Paper/fabric collage
Prompt: Use a variety of coloured papers and fabrics to recreate a collage of a pretty scene or object
Quote:  A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but on its wings.  Always believe in yourself. ~ Unknown

Little bit late with this one cos I was having a love affair with my Klimt mixed media box project (see my previous post). The fabric/collage example by the guest artist last week was beautiful but so detailed I almost missed it out, but then I decided that I could do a very simple version.... I grabbed an old calendar page of a flower 
Then I trimmed it to size for my journal and used my trusty old paper-sewing machine to attach random small scraps from my fabric and paper stashes to make this lovely collage
I attached it to the journal in part with stitch so it created a pocket 
- not much treasure to add from the week, but I was really happy that I had such a successful Star book Class and that my stitched lap top cover was gifted and loved so much so I did some screen shots off FB and edge stitched them on card stock before slipping them inside the pocket.
Now time to look at this week's prompt. You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE.


  1. I love what you did with this! Really enjoying your blog.

  2. So glad you visited and I love that you connected with lovely comments :-)

  3. Yes, it does help to read your blog! Thanks for sharing this with us. I love what you did here . . . and that you made it into a pocket is even cooler! ;)


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