Thursday, July 6, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 27

I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 27: add a crossword puzzle, suduko or word search
And from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE : Theme: The Road Less Traveled/Traveling through life
Prompt: Use a magazine image that you really love, something that speaks to you personally.
Technique: Add a couple scraps of paper and stamp whole page 
Quote: The mind is everything.  What you think you become.  Buddha
I already had some paint on this spread using up leftovers from another project. Bit dark so first was to add scraps of paper 
and then a wash of gesso which helped make it look softer - pretty and wintery....we are into cooler temperatures now - mid-winter for us in New Zealand. I also added a bit of texture by removing some of the gesso (while still wet) with a baby wipe through a stencil
I decided to use a magazine image in a different way and make a transfer - covered my page and the picture of the tui with heavy gloss gel medium and put them together, scraping with credit card to make sure I had a good bond. 
I forgot to take a photo of the image first. That flower at left is a bit of the glossy paper torn off the bottom. Left to dry and then spritzed with water and pushed away the paper with the help of a wet wipe. 
It's a lovely distressed look - I like it not to be perfect. I decided on the Tui because it will remind me that we have one currently living in a tree next to our home. So lucky in an urban street! 
I love how the white feathers rest over sheet music in the background. I decided to sketch around the outline of the bird and turn the feathers into a heart. Next prompt was to add a stamp - this gorgeous feather was gifted as part of a birthday present last month.
When I did my initial gatherings thinking about these prompts, I added a card that I'd just received in the mail - it seemed appropriate to add "Winter is here" to the page. 
Decided that would be a added flap 
This is the Traveling through life bit : continuing work on self-care. On the back of the flap I simply added the lovely magazine advert that includes my word of the year SHINEAs we head into July, I'm thinking about our new prompt for One Little Word, and its focus on what messages we personally need to hear right now as we head into the second half of the year. I need to be thinking about food as fuel - healthy eating = good energy to enable me to do all the things I'm wanting to do in my day and into the night. I thought for add a word search I would find words from a random page torn from a large print book. I used both sides of the page, but only that page, and managed to make the perfect reminder (click on the photo to read it larger)  : 
Although I didn't use all my gatherings, I'm really happy with where the prompts took me this week, and I'm sure you'll be seeing that gorgeous shell and the wrapping paper on another page soon. A bit of tape to finish my journaling spaces and the spread's done
You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE.

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