Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas cards Part 2

I shared my first batch of Christmas cards for this year HERE
But I didn't make enough of these to send to everyone I wanted, so I had to get out my sprays and some starry stencils and make some more - sprayed bases first and then printed by pressing another card on top of the wet ink with stencil still in place - 2 cards for the single spray effort :-)
Then I just had to add some new christmas washi tape and some stitching (click on any photo to see it larger)
The ones below are from a simple plastic circle stencil designed to be placed on a coffee mug to sprinkle cinnamon or chocolate through the gap - they work very well as christmas ball shapes :-)
Can't decide what I like best - 
Click on this photo to see the effect of machine stitch on card. I don't do anything special except use a large eyed needle (130N usually) to stitch with metallic thread.

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