Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quilt blocks complete and Cards from scraps

In the middle of June, I started making a spiked border a day for my "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues" quilt. When I started, I knew that if I stuck to my plan I would have my 25 blocks ready to put together by 5th September...happy to report that I completed my last block on the 14th August, and now I'm ready to share them all up on my design wall. Click on the photo to see it larger.
Next step is to do some rearranging until I am completely happy with how they all look together, and then to find time to sew them together to make the quilt top. I've loved how they've come together.
At the end of that stage of the project I've got a small box of tiny scraps I knew I could use for a further project
I bought a pad of board from the dollars & sense store (only $2.50) and started to make some cards. I just used a free-motion foot on my old Janome machine to stitch the fabric scraps to the card
I like their simplicity
and now they only need some stamped or found words to personalise them for occasions that arise
I'm sure there'll be more of these to share with you again soon. Which one's your favourite?


Linda said...

It is difficult for me to pick a favourite, but I really love the last two! You are very talented. :)

Chris H said...

Wow heaps of work went into that quilt top!
I also like how you have used the scraps. I like the middle one best, but they are all great.

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