Friday, April 4, 2014

Adding some colour to Doodle Delight

Have got to the end of my lessons with Alisa Burke in her Doodle Delight online class. I'm so happy to show you these pages from my sketchbook with colour added. First a couple from my last post about this class
After with watercolours added with a brush :
Another before :
After with light sprays made with Golden Airbrush colours :
I also got a great deal on a set of Moonlight pens
Of course they needed to be immediately tested on black paper :
And then I wanted to try just white on black paper...but couldn't resist adding a bit of background colour
My last play was with laying down some messy watercolour onto the page and sketching after
I've really loved this class. Have yourself a wonderful weekend


  1. Stunning work! Loved the effect of the Moonlight pens and to my delight they sell them on Amazon UK, order sent.

  2. Oh my, I wish you would stop giving me more ideas!
    I don't have enough hours in the day as it is!
    I love the different effects you have tried.

  3. LOOOKS like YOu did have fun! I am inspired.
    I will share your blog with my art students!


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