Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can't resist

Lots of the Creative JumpStarts this year use stencils and/or sprays. I LOVE this since they are 2 of my favourite art supplies.
Louise Nelson demonstrated a really cool idea for a crackle effect with modeling paste. Since I don't have a crackle stamp, this is my take on the technique. Click on the picture to see the detail properly.
Modeling paste impressed with stamps
This is how it looks with sprays added - some of them were starburst sprays which give a wonderful shimmer.
Nathalie Kalbach (the organiser of the Jumpstarts) has demonstrated several techniques with different mediums.
This is a foam stamp combined with a stencil

Like the idea, although not enthralled with this initial trial. But I do like the completed page.
And thanks to her, I actually CAN resist ;-) ....this is gel medium through a stencil
and here's what happens when you spray and rub over the top. 
A very successful trial I must say.


  1. Some lovely ideas and how nice to to 'happy where you are right now'. I think I am too! It is so strange to see your work on blogland, we have the same tastes and have tacled many of the same projects. I sure if we lived in the same area would have pumped into each other at a workshop.

  2. All I can say is...WOW! I've been following these prompts...thanks to you...but only find myself giving a few minutes each week to watching the videos. I hope to watch and try them all out while I'm in the States...starting Thursday!

  3. Lovely ideas and that Indian page is gorgeous

  4. Lovely ideas, really like the colours in the last one.


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