Saturday, December 8, 2012

Printing play day

Lots of people seem to be doing monoprinting using Gelli Plates.
Texture print onto card
I wanted to have a go so made my own gelatine plate for a day of printing. This is a good recipe from Leslie Tucker Jenison. Just make sure if you use a foil baking pan that it is watertight before you start...ask me how I know!

Here's the plate inked up with paint
You can usually get 2 prints off inking up one plate.
Print 1 onto cardstock
You can also layer your prints. I had already printed onto the tissue paper before adding the 2nd print on top. Loving that Tiki.
Print 2 on tissue paper
It's also fun to print over a collaged base
Print 1
Lots more can be done with this - check out the Gelli Arts blog for more ideas.
Masks can be cool. The stamping adds another nice layer.
Here I used a doily as a mask on the plate which gives possibilities for journalling spaces on pages
Using old book pages for printing is fun too.
Hearts masked
2nd print - heart masks removed
(I started to tear out the lower one before photographing!)
And you can also print onto organza 
Pink print on organza
Another print on a collaged base
The pink organza print laid on top of that base for a very cool effect
And I love this last one
2nd print off pink plate (heart mask removed) to cardstock
Overprinted with green
If you want to have a go, get inspired by this awesome video from Roben-Marie Smith showing you how it's done. Then go and check out what Jane LaFazio does - here's some monoprinting on cloth and in her sketchbook.
Have a wonderful weekend


Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Marvelous work these backgrounds with the gelli. Looks so great and colorfull.
nice weekend en greet

bohemiannie! art said...

These all look so great. I've dedicated a large cookie sheet with a 1/4 or more inch lip that I use for gelatin mono printing and
it works perfectly. Haven't pulled it out in a couple years though...but thanks to you...I think I will!

Lisa said...

Awesome colours on those prints.....xx

Wendy @ the Late Start Studio said...

Love them! Love them all! The printing onto organza looks amazing. And I see you heart singing on the manuscript paper.

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