Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Metal Play day

I have been wanting to do something more with this
to develop it into a wall-hanging in Beryl Taylor's style and to make an indian-themed piece. These ideas are finally coming might remember I started playing with some indian themed pieces here.
Last week some friends & I had a play day with metal so I will be able to add some more elements to the above.
We tried embossing copper shim, Silver Scotch Tape, coke cans and copper slug tape all through a cuttlebug. Pretty designs.
Then we coloured them
The above examples are mainly using alcohol inks
In this close-up shot the 2 narrow strips are the slug tape, the wider is the silver scotch tape, and the heart was cut from the metal shim.
Pleasing colouring on all of them. And the coke can worked just fine too
We also tried copic markers
and nail polish - need to get myself some more colours
Looking forward to seeing what happens to these lovely indian themed cut-outs when I colour them
But this, I think, needs nothing else - alcohol inks on embossed copper shim
I will just be adding some stitching around the edge of this to attach it to an appropriate background. I tried punching and stitching a piece of the coloured metal to sari thread and felt as an example of what I mean :
One other technique that was fun and a variation was to add a layer of gesso for a distressed look. This is a piece of alcohol-inked silver scotch tape
and here it is after I covered it with a layer of gesso and rubbed it off again with a paper towel.
Really keen to get stuck into developing the piece now - this was my first play with laying things on the background a couple of months ago.
So many more cool ideas to add now :-)
If you want some more inspiration, Judy Coates Perez has some cool posts about embossing and playing with metal. Also if you're on Facebook, check out photos from a Beryl Taylor Magic Metal workshop held at Valley Ridge Art Studio.


  1. I like the extra ideas that you've tried out since our playday!Will have to get my gesso out!

  2. That all looks like a great day was had! I LOVE it ALL!

  3. Lynette you work on this piece is fantastic, all these metal pieces, and your colors are so wonderful, love what you are doing.

  4. Beautiful. Metal always scares me a little, I have a feeling it would be sharp and I would just keep cutting myself on it. But I love how it looks, I really do.

  5. What a lovely inspiring post Lynette! It all looks so beautiful...
    PS Thank you for coming to see my new website ;-)

  6. Lynette, your backing is so beautiful I thought 'What could you possibly do to enhance it?' and then you started adding details and WOW!!!
    Your whole blog is an absolute delight. I could spend all day looking and reading. Your use of colour and texture is inspirational.

  7. Lynette, I'm new to all this. I like tin and metal art work, having seen pieces in Albuquerque, N.M. I'm working on a painting that looks Spanish Colonial, and want to make a frame combining wood and tin or foil.Any pointers? Rick

  8. Sorry Rick - this post is from quite a long time ago and I am no more expert than I was then! I hope you can find some inspiration and instruction elsewhere. I love seeing metal in art work, but my work is more fabric and paper based. Good luck with your project.


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