Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheap Thrills

Also known as simple pleasures....a few bargains picked up recently that will be appearing in my journals
These gorgeous wrapping papers and tapes from Typo. Don't expect to get a present from me wrapped in these! The lovely pastel paper has some great patterns on it...and could easily be cut and glued down to look like tape as well.
And then I got these cute pens from KMart....
Loving the colour names of the permanent sharpies - 80's Glam :: Jellie Pink -- Leg Warmer Orange -- Valley Girl Violet -- Banana Cup Yellow - Argyle Green.
I have new spring sneakers
Love the purple and the spotty insides, but wait - there's more! Inside the sneakers they were packed with this printed newsprint - more journal fodder :-)
I found this very groovy wallpaper in a rubbish bin... There's more than enough to cover a future journal.
More simple pleasures yesterday with a lovely bushwalk.
We are so lucky that we live close to so much natural beauty
Hope you're enjoying simple pleasures or cheap thrills!


  1. More than one WooHoo! moment, I'm thinking - just love those Sharpies and the papers :O

  2. Really pretty goodies you have there, I love the printed packing paper, what a find!! Mx

  3. You're gonna have fun with this stuff!

  4. Lynette,you bought some lovely things, the packing paper is fantastic and so are the tapes.

  5. I can feel a trip to KMart coming on! And I'm wondering if those purple sneakers are going to stay plain. Hmmm?


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