Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beach inspired

Following Alisa Burke's advice that you should find inspiration from your surroundings, I took a couple of photos at the beach last Saturday (see my previous post) that have inspired some new doodles.
Really happy with my feather sketches
And my new graphitint pencils even got a workout
Very happy with their subtle effect


  1. LOVE it. Fantastic Lynette. Indeed all around us in the nature can inspire us. Beautiful.
    lovewly greet

  2. these would all make gorgeous stamps!!! i see a bright shining star rising!

    xoxo france

  3. These are fabulous sketches -another creative path for you to enjoy wandering along!!!

  4. I love your sketches, they are well done! Love to see them with a little colour added too.

  5. Beautiful, especially the feathers page.


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