Monday, November 14, 2011

Quilts at my house : Part 2

More quilts from the walls of my house - for Part 1 go here
Down the hallway - if you follow this blog, you probably recognise this piece on my sewing room door.
Not really a quilt, but it has layers & stitch ;-)
Next, another Mary Transom class. She taught both Sunflowers and Echinacea in a class together at the Cloth Shop. I decided that I would learn the methods for both flowers, and combined them into one quilt.
The next 2 are originals made by me for my children. They live on their beds but are not great photographed there.
This is Sam's - an eye spy quilt made when he was 3 in 2007. Inspired by a design I saw at a quilt show, but I created my own pattern.
And this for Jacob a couple of months later that same year for his 7th birthday.

This was entirely original - pattern designed with help from my husband.
And the last quilt down the hall was made in a class to learn hand applique in 2004.
I finally machine quilted it in June 2006 - took me a while to finish because I discovered that I much prefer to machine stitch than make quilts by hand, and had to work myself round to realising it was better to machine quilt it and have it was never going to be hand quilted....
Have a lovely week

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Jennibellie said...

Oh my goodness! These are STUNNING, thanks so much for sharing, much love Jennibellie x

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