Friday, April 8, 2011

Raumati Weekend memories

Last Friday, 8 girlfriends arrived in Raumati and sat on the deck to toast each other and watch the sun set We shopped on Saturday These purchases of mine from Trade Aid : the handmade paper rather nicely fits my recent Flower Power theme, and the wee album will become an indian-inspired mixed media book I think. We enjoyed wine and good food at a Thai restaurant on Saturday night. Our dishes were decorated with beautifully carved carrots and we were entranced when shown how they were made. On Sunday we walked The weather was kind to us and so were our friends....we shared massages and make-up and stories of our lives that we hadn't heard before. I even managed some stitching. We finished the weekend with more dining and more shopping. I even found some images while browsing some Embroidery magazines that inspire me : Abigail Brown's butterflies here and Louise Saxton's travel bug (check out her gallery of amazing images) I hope you are lucky enough to have good friends in your life...and I hope you tell them how much they mean to you


Katherine said...

love all your photos and the story they tell of your wonderfully relaxing weekend!
And those carrots are amazing - I guess you'll be cooking them like that for your boys this week!?!

Lisa said...

Looks like it was fun. That paper from Trade Aid is one of my favourite things. Great for art and great for wrapping - it doesn't damage in the post

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