Wednesday, February 1, 2023

January Review

I looove my long Summer holiday from mid-December to late January : long sunshine hours, swims, lots of social catch-ups and a time of high creative energy for me. So here's what I've been up to creatively this month. Birthday cards for January friends
I do prefer to create in batches - even 2 at a time is fun and you can try different variations. 
Sad to have to create a couple of bereavement cards
My husband asked me to make him a bookmark. I can't decide which side I prefer...
I had lots of fun in Fodder School 2 with Liz Constable - first making fodder
and then using it to create my To Adventure tag book (link includes video flip through)
and then was inspired by more bonus lessons to make some more fodder using different surfaces 
Then made some clusters and strings
I've been so busy making extra fodder I haven't quite got to making my Imperfect Porfolio, but I'm sure I'll be sharing that soon and I know
 I'll be playing with these techniques long after January is finished. While I am trying to be more sustainable this year and use what I have, I know when I see supplies I need. One of my criteria is to be able to support artists that I love so I have ordered Liz Constable's latest book (available Feb 2023 - currently you can pre-order) - she is a fabulous teacher and I'm sure there'll be more fun in here to support more play from the techniques I learned in Fodder School this month.
I bought Megan Quinlan's class Journal into Your Art in October last year and it re-inspired my monthly journal practice in November and DecemberI had decided not to continue with a monthly journal practice, but by the middle of January I was missing documenting and writing to support good self-care. This time I've made a proper JIYA journal as per class instructions. You can see more about this journal HERE in my previous post. 
I promised I'd share more progress photos in my monthly review, and I'm excited to say that my stencils by Leaca Young arrived yesterday on 31st January! (I ordered them 11th January so that's not bad from Alaska to New Zealand) 
I thought they would be fabulous in my JIYA journal and I was right! I have only had one little play with them so far using only black paint and a cosmetic sponge. 
These are the large faces straight in my journal
This lovely soft version is cleaning the stencil off into the gaps with a baby wipe
And this is the top stencil done on paper and collaged in
Medium sized face to show difference in size directly in my journal
And then I tried it on paper to make a paper doll. And had to try the small paper dolls with collaged dresses
I can't wait to have more time with these. 
Every year, I think it would be great to have a small stitching project to take to my Monday night quilt group. In my post thinking about my creativity for 2023, I talked about Roxy's Journal of Stitchery for 2023 which is a themed large snippet roll called "Down the garden path". I promised I'd share if it became a project I love and it has 💚 The project began on the first Wednesday (Italian time zone) of January and there will be a new video each Wednesday (Thursday in NZ) from Rachel and Sarah with new prompts being announced every 2 weeks until June. You can still join in. See all videos on YouTube here. I decided to use a gorgeous green leafy batik for my background, and I want to include mixed media elements as well. I am keeping it small so I stand a chance of completing this alongside my other projects. Here's what January looked like. 
That turned out to be a very long post. So great to have so much to share with you. I am back to normal hours at work now but hopefully with the long daylight hours of Summer I'll still have time to be creatively busy. I'll keep sharing my main projects on this blog but please check out my Instagram or FB artist page for more regular updates of my projects in progress.

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