Saturday, February 11, 2023

January Fodder School : Part 2

Our January lessons for Fodder School were with Liz Constable of Book Art Studios. As always, the lessons released at the beginning of the month are to make the fodder, and the second (released mid-month) are to use the fodder. I shared all my paper and fabric making and her free tag project in this Part 1 post. As well as the excellent teaching by Liz, there were bonus lessons from other teachers so before I looked at the portfolio project, I couldn't resist one more printing session. I wanted to try out some different surfaces and techniques from bonus sessions. 
I altered metal washers with grungy colour
More tags 
Had a play with lutradur which worked out very nicely. It's a spun bonded synthetic fabric which is slightly translucent and doesn't fray. I have quite a lot that people give me from wrapping gifted flowers. This was just white. 
And made some dark darks
Then I combined all my printing sessions into the piles you see below : on the left are my textures of paper doilies, corrugated card, tags and envelopes. Middle is fabric, round tags, coloured metal washers and small scraps. Right is darks, mediums and light coloured papers. 
Our first lesson on using this fodder was to create clusters. We were encouraged to use our sewing machines - and these are my first stitched clusters and strings
And this, finally, is my version of the main project - an imperfect portfolio. I am so happy with how it turned out. 
Front cover above and back cover below
Open the front cover
And then unfold to the right
Let's unpack from left to right
Liz had the idea of a permanent collection roll within the portfolio. This is my cluster collection 
and these are my paper samples
And below is the open back view of the portfolio
And to finish - view from the top 
You can still 
join us in Fodder School and/or Liz has a class and a book 
where you can explore some of these techniques (although this project and some of the techniques are unique to Fodder school). I've ordered my own copy to support this wonderful teacher. I know there'll be more joyful learning within.


  1. Weren't these methods just too much fun? Your portfolio is really wonderful and contains so many interesting pieces and bit. Love the title of her book!

    1. It was a truly wonderful month and will continue to inspire.


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