Thursday, April 23, 2020

Book of Days : Autumn bliss

I haven't been posting Book of Days lessons lately but it's for lack of time rather than enthusiasm! That seems crazy in lock down but I'm keeping myself happily engaged.  I've still been inspired by Effy with Free online weekly Journal Jam sessions - I've completed 5 spreads in my art journal so far. This is a preview of what we had on offer in Book of Days for March and I've been wanting to have a go at Effy's lesson (top left)
Stabilo-all pencil blended with water and I love her already
I love using found words so it's great for me to be using an altered book for my art journal. The words found in her hair will influence my choices for the rest of the spread : She was blissfully present.
This week I managed to get her finished.
In the Northern hemisphere they are dreaming of Spring, but here in New Zealand we are in Autumn. Decided I'd find an appropriate quote next and this is perfect with the use of the word Bliss echoing the found word.
Really annoyed with myself that I forgot to protect my found words with gel medium and I got black paint on my "blissfully" word which I couldn't save with a pen so once I had my white lettering done, I painted black back over those words. It was hard to do but I would have always been annoyed if I'd left it
I decided I wanted some Autumn elements in her hair. Lovely stencil and my natural sponge so I could mix colours and I love the finished spread.  
Effy has released Book of Days 2020 for half price for the month of April! 
EDITED : Effy has extended the sale through 'till the end of May. Go HERE and USE COUPON CODE birdsofafeather. This is the year-long art journal class I have taken every year since I won the second-half-year edition in July 2016. Highly recommended. Now US$60 for the whole of 2020! Read about this class HERE and then use coupon code: birdsofafeather for your discount. THIS LINK will take you to all the work I've ever done inspired by Book of Days through the years. Be great to see you in the group.


  1. The Stabilo is really a wonderful tool, isn't it? This is so well done, and I love your handwriting. Mine usually looks like a blot on my journal spread, while yours is an enhancement!


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