Saturday, March 21, 2020

Many FREE art offerings to help you get through

So grateful for online art classes. There are some wonderful teachers who are sharing free offerings to help you stay calm, occupied and to soothe yourself in these troubled times. Stress affects the immune system negatively, so by staying as calm as possible, you're helping to protect yourself. I shared 2 FREE offerings last Saturday. The first by Kasia Avery in her FB group HERE. The 7 days have just finished and she's created a downloadable PDF with all the prompts and videos and one more bonus day for you. Follow that FB link or go directly HERE.
And the second from Effy Wild - a full art journal lesson - Go HERE
There are a lot more I've found out about during this past week. Please share further in the comments if you know of other things or I've not provided the correct link ♥ 
They're not in any order - just as I've happened to load them.
Join Effy's FB group The Wilderhood and have access to free lives and lots of sharing of other free art offerings.
Alisa Burke has a YouTube channel with lots to explore there. Her latest HERE
Plus her blog is a treasure trove of inspiraton - check out her posts about Creating with a Kid HERE.
Tam of Willowing also has many free options on YouTube. Her latest is a Protection Warrior Portrait  
and she gives you the link there to join her Art Angel class with a code to purchase for Free. My version HERE.
Check out Kelly Rae Roberts' blog post where she shares links for a free virtual art date and ''pay what you can'' for her Spirit Wings and Soul Mantra online classes. 
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has created a free 2 week art journal - go HERE to sign up. 
Join Jenny Grant's free class and find other inspiration HERE 
Jeanne Oliver has many free offerings (scroll down the page) and is also giving the Wandering Muse course free of charge, just type GATHER at checkout
Kellee Wynne is leaving her Layered Page class open for free indefinitely. See what I've done with it so far HERE.
Follow her on Instagram HERE and also Roben Marie Smith HERE who has said that Kellee is bringing some free joyful art lessons soon and Roben Marie is happy to be included as a guest artist. 
Kellee wants to continue to bring free courses to everyone who needs the extra help, but she also need new supporters, art enthusiasts and dedicated creative beings signing up for her online course offers : Now all 40% off HERE.
Tracy Weinzapfel on FB HERE
Lives and freebies including FREE 24 hour art party March 28-29. Join 24 artists and learn from some of today's most creative educators! Register HERE
Dina Wakley is currently sharing daily demos on her blog
Lee Clements has uploaded a Healing Mandala lesson to YouTube which she originally filmed for the Loving-Healing-Creating Summit earlier this year. Go HERE. Screen shot below
Kelly Kilmer is sharing handouts from 5 in person classes. Go HERE
Kelly inspired much of my early explorations into Art Journaling
Carla Sonheim has Free classes HERE - including five years of Kids Art Week classes so you can paint with your children ♥ This is a screen shot of some of the classes so you can see her style : 
Christa Forrest is one of the wonderful artists teaching in our Book of Days 2020 collaborative class hosted by Effy Wild. 
Christa is sharing this free lesson HERE
Another teacher I already enjoyed this year was Rachel Kentish who taught me how to create Wish Feathers
Check out her YouTube videos HERE. She has uploaded mindful watercolour techniques there including a really full lesson HERE
Also on Facebook she has shared a link to watercolour and silhouettes - suitable to do with children as well. Go HERE. Screenshot of FB post below. Click on photo to see it larger.
Laura Horn Art has announced on Instagram that she is working on creating a Free class. Click on the photo below for details. Sign up for that class HERE and check out her other free resources through that same link. It's due to launch next week.
Diana Trout - Watercolour Wildflowers online class now Free HERE
And not a class but a gift of 30 Days of Flowers Colouring Challenge from Johanna Basford HERE. Colour one in every day for a month, and then print them out and colour them in a different way ♥ Check out other Downloads from her HERE.
For stitchy things : 
Linda and Laura Kemshall have added "Handpainted Hands" to their list of Free offerings. You'll find a mix of stitch and art journal workshops. See them all HERE
Anne Brooke's 2020 project continues HERE with links to lessons on YouTube. Click on the photo below from Instagram - she's going to post April and May's lessons closer together to keep people hand stitching.
Michelle Mischkulnig (Chelle Textiles) has gorgeous projects on her blog. She is highlighting them on her FB Page HERE or go straight to her blog and scroll back through HERE. Many comprehensive instructions and photos.
WHEW! Hope that's a good kind of overwhelm ♥ These offerings may only be for the short term, so you can find my list of Cheap and Free online art classes always available HERE - or see my top right side bar. I updated the latest ones in a separate post HERE.
In gratitude that my media feeds are overflowing with Art goodness. Hope you are inspired to enjoy some Creative time - whatever that looks like for you. Take care ♥


  1. Whew is right! Thanks for this comprehensive list of resources.

    1. Hope it will be useful. If it helps just a couple of people it was worth the effort.


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