Wednesday, February 6, 2019


A day off for us today and I got a bit distracted looking at other people's art...Very inspired by Caterina who has a tradition of creating a self-portrait in her journal every January. I wish I'd thought of that! And then I realised that I have created self-portraits over the years - just not at the same time of year. These are the portraits that began with my actual face (using an actual outline of my face in some way) or something about them feels to me like they became personal.
I began my journey with creating faces in January of 2015. I took my first Life Book class then with the intention of learning how to create faces and this Beacon of Light was my first ever face! I feel like it looks like me because of the colours and symbols I used and the brown eyes and "curled hair" ♥
A week later, I was posting this
February 2016 begun with an image transfer of an actual photo of my face
Although I didn't begin with with my own face in this paint over collage in July 2016, this next one really feels like a self-portrait - I think it's the imagery, colours and brown eyes/curly hair
January 2017 - a repeat of that image transfer technique (even used the same photo to transfer)
And even repeated again in March 2017 for my vision board 
April 2017 - begun by tracing over a photo of me
November 2018 - another traced-ish beginning
Now for February 2019....I did actually start it today so I will share soon I hope.


  1. Your faces get better and better! Isn't it funny- I never knew I wanted to or could paint and draw faces. But I got the bug, too, and really enjoy it. Mine are all over the place, so I think I'd like to gather them together in a face journal. Nice work!

  2. A great collection of your self-portraits - and you're right, it doesn't physically have to look like you as long as it represents you in some way! I admire people's talent who can copy little details exactly as they are, like it was a photo, but frankly I don't find that sort of art very interesting. You might as well just take a photo. I think representations are a lot more interesting and evocative!

  3. ps. I remember that LB lesson too - that was my first as well!

  4. Thanks Nancy and Zsuzsa - this was such a cool post to create because of the walk down memory lane :-)


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