Sunday, February 3, 2019

Klimt in the Garden with Rumi : Your heart knows the way

For our first lesson for "A Year of Rumi" with Effy Wild in December, we were encouraged to use our own quote. I wanted to revisit the opening ceremonies lesson using Effy's quote this time. My first intention was to use a butterfly as one of my important recurring symbols in my work. I fussy-cut one from some fabric I'd already used on the lid of my collaged box (the container for this project
and selected my gatherings for this art card around that - these gatherings are just so I have more limited choices as I work. I know not everything will fit on the card.
I watched Effy's Live for Moonshine talking about our theme for February whilst I worked : listening to your inner wild child and devotion to your wild self. I was thinking about the season in New Zealand right now - heat - abundance - fruiting - ripening - heart opening - taking time to relish and experience current joys....."Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction". This card came together with Ease, from my heart ♥
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Wishing you a lovely heart-led week


  1. Lovely!! Your color palette is so beautiful and these art cards are coming along nicely.

  2. Thanks Nancy. This one came together so easily and I just adore seeing I've made 3 cards already ♥

  3. A great addition to your box and such a WONDERFUL project all over! I LOVE fabric but I don't use it enough!

  4. I really want to create more with fabric this year - this is such a quick fix since the cards are so small


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