Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Free inspirations ♥

Hello - I have started my summer holidays and have been using the first couple of days to make some lists and get myself organised ready for creative projects to share soon. I've come across a couple of things I thought you might like to share : 
Ivy Newport has created 12 Days of Creativity HERE : some free classes, free inspiration and discounts off classes.
Day 1 is a full free mini class : 
This looks like an inspiring list of questions to journal about to close this year : 
Each year Susannah Conway provides a free "Unravel Your Year" workbook
Sign up for her emails and get access to this and other goodies in her Inspiration Library HERE. She also has a Find Your Word 5-day free email class that I've found very helpful other years. Sign up for that HERE.
This looks like a lovely way to begin the New Year : 
Hope you are taking time to look after yourself in amongst the crazy that can be December.

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