Saturday, December 8, 2018

FREE inspirations for December

I wasn't going to do a post like this but couldn't resist when I saw these new offerings. I know it's crazy busy at this time of year, and you have to be in quick for the first option, but the rest can continue to inspire you into 2019.
If you've got free time this weekend (5 days from Fri 7th Dec-Tues 11th Dec) you can access the FREE interviews and activities from the Life Book Summit event in October - check out all the speakers HERE. I was going to list my Top 5 favourites but my list was too long....definitely work checking out if you have the time.
Effy has released her To See Us Through : A Cosy Winter Workshop again. 
Still fun for us Southern Hemisphere people - I created this Summer Spread last year
There's a new lesson she's added this year as well which I think I might try : 
Andrea Shroeder also has a free online course - she'll be live Dec 14 at 11 am Central. But you don't have to be there live, the recording will be available until Jan 11.
Get all the details including how to sign up for access HERE.
And although I've decided I can't manage any more stamp carving this year, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer always inspires with her Carve December challenge. This year she is working to prompts :
See all her posts HERE.
Other free class inspiration lives on my blog HERE - please let me know if you have any additions.


  1. I always feel compelled to share these freebies too - so sorry that Kasia's advent calendar course is no longer available for registration. I would have thought it would stay open until at least Christmas. Theoretically - it could be done in a day - it' s just a set of prompts to make you journal every day for 24 days. I'm running behind, but it's the kind of project I can catch up with easily, especially that I work in a small format journal - could do a page in a matter of minutes (theoretically, LOL!)

  2. Oh well - I probably don't have the time to be honest anyway....what are you signing up for next year?


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