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Free Online art classes

I decided that it would be useful to give my list of Free online art classes (originally posted in 2013) a complete overhaul for our use in 2021. I'll continue to update it if you let me know of resources I've missed and you can always get here by clicking on the top right link below my profile. I'll also share any new inspirations via new blog posts. See the latest free offerings by clicking HERE.
Alisa Burke : Finding your Muse. Seeking inspiration off the computer and in your world.
Holiday Play. A class to get you inspired to get you creative in all kinds of ways in the holiday season.
Alisa is giving discounts on many classes during the pandemic and you can get lots for only US$15. Check out all her offerings HERE
Brandi Dayton : 2 free workshops offered after her son's death. 
6 free lessons by Brandi The birds and the bees
18 lessons : Brandi and a variety of other artists. The below image is from Toni Burt's lesson. A thing called love.
Carolyn Dube : Permission to Play : This is a 5 lesson workshop with each new video lesson coming out every 3 days. 
Daisy Yellow (Tam) : Prompt 60 Index HERE.
Draw your words : A hand-lettering workshop - no charge but you can add to her Tip Jar {minimum $5} and also gain access to the private FB group with extra content, discussion, Q&A and tips. 
Documented Life Project - documenting daily with weekly prompts - blog HERE, FB group HERE. This continues in 2021 and links remain the same. You can also scroll back through previous years' prompts.
Effy Wild : a full art journal lesson - Go HERE.
Join Effy's FB group The Wilderhood and have access to free lives and lots of sharing of other free art offerings.
Everthing Art : I've done a few free offerings with Kasia Avery but they are often only available for a limited time. See all the current courses including free options HERE, plus sign up to their newsletter HERE to keep up with new resources and offerings as they happen. 
Ivy Newport : A number of free tutorials combining mixed media and encaustic techniques HERE.
Also get her free Art Journal Box Lesson HERE - used to decorate this journal cover : 
Jeanne Oliver : Free online class links HERE
Jenny Grant : Free inspiration HERE.
Kara Bullock : Free art tutorials HERE - like below and also using charcoal
Katrina Koltes : free tutorials HERE.
Laly Mille : free 5-day workshop about supplies HERE
Laura Horn Art : Free resources HERE.
Marieke Blokland
Art journal school 
Marit Barentsen : Quirky Dutch Summer Ten weeks during the Summer, ten blog posts that are like the Dutch Summer itself: quirky! There is only one general theme: inspiration! The posts can focus on a certain technique, handle a certain topic but you will also find fully elaborated tutorials! You can basically just see the series as a free – 10 week – ‘summer art school’. The link will take you to posts from 2019 and previous years.
Melanie Rivers : Free Resources Including mixed media lessons with emphasis on faces, curated Unsplash images for portrait inspiration, and self-compassion resources.
Roben-Marie Smith : Urban Journal Remix
and Transitions Journal
Strathmore Workshops 2021. All the information HERE
First one starts March and they are available for the year until December 31. You can check out their video lessons from previous years via their YouTube.
Susannah Conway : workbook to help you Unravel Your Year
and a lovely 5-day email course to Find Your Word for 2021
Terri Kahrs : I Have a Secret journal workshop - all 10 videos available on YouTube.
The entire workshop from 21 Secrets 2013 - all of the original class PDF's, templates and images so you can make your own journal.
Tiare Smith : 
Sign up for her free tutorials HERE
Toni Burt : free Face lessons on her site HERE. Latest uploaded March : 
Tracy Verdugo : Abstract Approaches

Stories of a She-Tribe

WillowingTam has created a page with links to free resources while staying at home HERE.  
It's worth signing up to her newsletter on this page for lovely free offers and general inspiration.
With warm wishes for a creative 2021 💜


  1. Thanks for all the great links!

  2. i love to make interesting things via paper or fabric, your online art classes are a great source of inspiration

  3. Thanks for compiling this list!

  4. Great list, some are very similar but all looks good!

  5. Thank you for doing so much work to provide locations for us to expand and grow in the world of art.
    I have joined Journal 52 and it has been so much fun!
    You can visit my site at

  6. New for 2915, I am starting an ART JOURNAL REBELLION. It is free and details can be found at

    Thanks for collecting these resources in one place and for your consideration.

  7. Thanks for the great links! I found another one which is free and registration ends december, 31:

  8. Thanks for the links. some I already had but you've listed more that I didn't know about.

  9. All of your journals are so creative. Although I can quilt, sew, make beaded jewelry, etc., I can't 'collage' anything. Last week I purchased a few inexpensive steampunk items and wanted to try to make 2 necklaces....but alas, I couldn't even think of what to do with them. It would be cool to pile some of the keys and clocks on it, but cant think creatively..... I should watch some of your classes and see it I can somehow find the 'creative' side of my brain!!

  10. Oh my goodness- what a treasure trove. This could keep us busy for quite some time. Thank you!


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