Monday, May 4, 2020

Journal Jam 6 with Lettering tutorials

Effy Wild is sharing a weekly Journal Jam live session (her Canadian Monday afternoon, my NZ Tuesday morning). She's shifted to the Vimeo platform to make it more easily accessible, and even though I had to miss the live last week, it's available to play HERE or on her YouTube channel HERE#6 is a special edition of creating a deck for the journal jam prompts and a lesson in lettering fonts (starts at 23:37 on that replay). 
She also provided prompts for Journal Jam 6 so we could create a spread in our journal and then add some lettering. 
Square I don't usually start dark
Mix your own colour 
Use a stencil Began with lavender which was not a happy choice but I've been watching Flora Bowley's together apart sessions (free for 48 hours after the live) on occasion as well and she is a great reminder that you can always cover things so added some white. Not convinced I can turn this into something I like, but it is early days
Blue I used Phtahlo Blue : drop, spray, drip....still not liking this at all.
Swirl I left this for a couple of days because I am totally uninspired and find this ugly, but today I know I need to make a bold move - I want a focal and think I will add a face or silhouette with a swirl of hair. 
So much happier! Maybe some glaze?....
Write a phrase that is meaningful to you This spread was about taking control and being intentional
A good chance to share some lettering tips: Use different pens, Letter stamps with staz-on ink, and of course you can print on other paper and then glue it down if you're not confident to letter directly on your page. You can paint background paper or use gelli prints for this, use old calendars or scrapbook papers or stamp on tissue for a disappearing look. See all my posts that I've labelled Lettering HERE and workshops with Joanne Sharpe HERE. This is a screen shot of the fonts Effy demonstrates in this video : 
The one down the side is sharing overlapping writing which she learned from Dina Wakley
Scribble I have just recently watched a video from Dina about Asemic writing which takes that overlapping writing idea even further and I can't wait to practice it. Dina's video includes ideas of what to write and where to write it.
Asemic writing is marks that have the appearance of text but have no semantic value = it looks like words, but you can't interpret them. I like how it looks artistically and have always wanted to do this. It's also a way of hiding your feelings but getting them on the page. Dina's key tips are the exaggeration of ascenders and descenders and contracting all spaces. Practice. Go quickly. Below = Dina asemic writing out of heads. Cool eh?
See her Pinterest board - apparently it's a new trend in calligraphy. 
I'm happy with mine
Add a feather I didn't feel the need to add this last prompt. I cannot believe that at lunchtime today I was looking at this spread with disappointment at the colour choices and mess I'd made
and now she's done and I really love this spread and am grateful for the journey.
Maybe you'll join us for Journal Jam next week HERE? I will be having to watch it after since she has rescheduled for 12noon EST = 4am NZ Time. Oh well. 


  1. Wow! That really turned around into something very cool!

  2. Such a fun variety of lettering styles. Your spread looks great and your lettering, too. Did you use Signo Pen or paint pen? I love the colors.

    1. I used a Gelly Roll Sakura pen. It's nice and fine especially for the Asemic writing. Really happy with how the glazes worked. The background is green-gold.


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