Monday, June 17, 2019

Paint over collage and metallic watercolours

When I taught a class about Faces recently, one of the techniques I shared was paint over collage. Check out that previous post for details of the process.  I figured if I glued the magazine face I was demonstrating into my journal, it would be a page starter! 
She's on a double-spread so I can do a lot with her hair, and I was very inspired by a recent Book of Days lesson with Effy : (as seen on her blog HERE)
Really fun to combine both ideas and this is how mine developed
Added metallic watercolours over the top of both the watercolour ground and the black gesso. The photo does not do the glimmery shine justice. 
I love using the technique of good quality pencils for final face detailing (I use Polychromos by Faber-Castell)
and I used a White Uni-Ball Signo pen for the flower doodles in her hair
Left her for a day to see if she needed anything more since I usually add words, but she's telling me she's done.
You can still join us in Book of Days HERE


  1. That is lovely. Where do you buy your Uno pens from?

  2. In NZ, you can get the Uni-Ball Signo pens from Warehouse Stationery. There are white, gold and silver that I have used - not totally waterproof though so need to be the final layer or spray with Workable Fixative

  3. Your pencil work really added a lot to the face. Very nice work!

  4. I felt like she might need more but in the end the flower hair needs to be the statement!


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