Friday, November 15, 2013

Gelli printing on Deli paper

Deli paper (dry waxed paper) is a wonderful surface to print to. It is hard to source in New Zealand under that name, but this lunchwrap brand seems to do the job nicely - a great cheap option.
These are examples of Gelli printing on 'deli paper' from a recent play day
These 2 were printed over the papers I printed with my foam shapes on cardboard rolls
2 layers of colour is fun
More layers add more complexity
Some ideas of different surfaces to print on coming soon.


  1. I found a box of Deli paper at Trents (the wholesaler) in Christchurch. I also found a roll of waxed paper in one of the larger New World supermarkets in the same section where your grease proof paper would have been.

  2. I can't find deli paper in England either - is it greaseproof paper??? or waxed paper??

  3. I would get greaseproof paper in preference to waxed from the supermarket - you don't want a waxy surface to print on. It's more like a paper in between tissue and cartridge. I buy on a roll and cut it to size.


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