Thursday, November 17, 2011

Workshop Thursday

Almost keeping to my more progress to show on my workshops, but had a playday today to show a friend some ways to transfer images.
First we used plain old nail polish remover.
Place a photocopied image face down on the receiving paper (ie where you want your transfer to end up). Dampen the back with the nail polish remover (it's the acetone that's the important ingredient) then burnish.
I just use an old jam jar lid - rub firmly. When you think it's done, lift the original image off
Photocopy at top, transferred image at bottom
This was quite an old photocopy, so a very good method. It is a bit smelly, so make sure you have a door or window open. And you may notice that the writing is reversed - we didn't mind for the test, but sometimes you may want to reverse an image on your computer, print it and then photocopy the reverse image so you get the words right.
A good method that doesn't require you to reverse your image is packing tape or contact paper transfers. Again, a photocopy - press the tape over the top. Burnish to make sure there is a good seal. Then soak it in water for a bit. Rub off the paper with your fingertips and the image will remain.
In the above picture you can see our original acetone transfer at the bottom, and our contact paper transfer at the top - see through and not reversed. Lots of uses. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has a quick YouTube video on this method but she uses packing tape and a magazine image.
Our 3rd method was heat transfer with my fabulous new versatool. It has a special transfer point and works with photocopies.
Again, place the photocopy face down on the receiving paper or fabric. You just move the heat tool back and forwards over the image. Very good on both calico and paper as you can see below.
The last thing we had fun with was printing images onto sheet music fed through the printer. Very simple, but very effective with colour
and with black and white (do you remember this from the Paris Book?)
And have you ever tried printing on tissue through the printer? Simply glue stick around the edge of your tissue to the carrier page, and print.
Result - a lovely transparent image for your art work.
Will be back with some workshop play of my own soon
First roses of the season : Compassion in the front and Hot Chocolate back right.


  1. Gosh Lynnie we got quite a lot done didn't we? Thanks for another fabulous afternoon P xxxx

  2. some wonderful examples of what's possible. Thank you. I love the printing on music paper. Why you could just print on any kind of decorative paper couldn't you? Could make for some nice effects.

  3. Hi Lynette

    I just love what you are doing - some great ideas and experiments. You don't need to use nail polish remover any spirit will do, white spirit is cheaper and just as effective.

  4. Hello Lynette,
    Thanks for showing us some transfer methods. I suppose some of these work on fabric as well.
    Nice to see what you're up to!
    Best wishes to you from down south.


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