Monday, November 21, 2011

Rusty play

After gathering lots of rusty bits together I have been looking forward to having some rusty play. Finally got to it this afternoon. This is from the first part of The new Holey Moley Rust lessons. 
Started with kunin felt, shiva sticks in rusty colours, and lovely Illuminations Golds thread.
Randomly stitched on the felt first of all, using one of my machine's decorative stitches.
Then out came the heat gun and I blasted some of the felt away.
Then it was time to rub the partially blasted piece with the shiva sticks.
Next came more heat gunning.
And doesn't it look lovely and crusty - lying it on turquoise abaca tissue gives some idea of how I might be able to layer it up.
More soon....


  1. This is gorgeous.....looking forward to seeing it on Thursday!

  2. I will love seeing what you do with this! I've never burned anything yet, though that aqua background look delicious.


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