Sunday, June 21, 2020

Book of Days : No Mud No Lotus

I haven't been posting as much since my energy has been low this month. This was to be expected as I finished my last round of chemo but makes it no less frustrating. Art has always helped me navigate difficult times and I couldn't go past this lesson from Effy. Here's a peek at her lesson (top left) and what else is on offer in Book of Days for June : 

We began with the intention of creating the lotus on the left hand page and using the right one as our palette to develop into a separate painting. Effy began with watercolours so first thing I had to do was cover my left hand book paper in my recycled art journal with watercolour ground. The Ground means the watercolour paint doesn't soak into my page but as you can see the colours haven't flowed as they would on watercolour paper, plus you can see the brush marks of spreading the ground (wasn't noticable when first laid down the colour which also dries lighter). It's okay for a base layer.
Once dry you must always spray with workable fixative so the watercolour won't move with the next layers of media. Love what develops after...the right hand side is using up leftover paint and ink.
Find out more about the collaborative year-long class Book of Days 2020 and join us HERETHIS LINK will take you to all the work I've ever done inspired by Book of Days through the years.


  1. The ground product makes for a soft and pretty under-layer for your spread. Very pretty!

  2. Wow, an explosion of colour on this page! Hope it all goes well, Lynette, and you can put all this behind you soon. Keeping you in my thoughts <3

    1. Thrilled with how it turned out. Thank you ♥


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