Sunday, November 24, 2019

Klimt in the garden with Rumi : November

When I saw our quote for November I instantly knew that I wanted to use a serviette I have of a gorgeous spiral shell - it gives me a sense of wonder and awe at nature's gifts that fits well with the quote. I then proceeded to gather other elements that would be appropriate, remembering that I need to have Klimt in the garden too.
As I gathered, I reflected that for my last card I should just dig through my box of treasure (initial gatherings as inspiration for this project) since there is so much here I haven't used and don't discover until I already have my initial idea. 
First up I wanted a gold background - the beach and Klimt. Next was placement of the shell and quote and the rest seemed to naturally follow this time. Simple stitch and colour : flowers for the garden, machine stitching with metallic thread, simple hand stitched x elements
always with the intention of adding beads and gold glitter finish ♥
Time to add the backing of blooms and finish the edges 
It needed the butterfly for the final garden touch
Not so many elements on this one, but it conveys the quiet feeling of the quote for me and is just what I need to hear right now. Only one card to go in this series. Check out the rest of my art card series in my Flickr photo set or my blog posts HERE.


  1. Nicely done- I love that pile of treasures you sorted through, too!

    1. Thanks Nancy. Yes I have lots of lovely gatherings. Tricky to know what to leave out. It's been a challenging project for the size in that way.

  2. Another beautiful addition to your treasure box! I love how you gather your materials beforehand to get inspired. I believe I have that very same serviette myself too! Only a few more days until Kasia's advent calendar! So exciting!

    1. I think you may have sent me that serviette ♥ It's been waiting for this page....I'm excited about the advent calendar project too xo


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