Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Book of Days : Texture love

Inspired by this month's lesson by Cristin Chambers in Book of Days this spread began with luscious modeling paste texture spread through stencils
I added my own style of face next (very influenced by Effy Wild's teaching) using a Stabilo All pencil with a combination of blending stump and water. Remember this is VERY water reactive so needed to spray with fixative before moving on
Although what I create is way different than Cristin, I love her style of teaching and enjoyed using inks around the page next
OMG the texture! Click on any photo to see it larger
Next day more stenciling in different colours - need to add more darks/lights for contrast but I'm feeling really happy with the direction this is taking
I love taking process photos so I can also see her face changing as layers are added ♥
Loving her. Thinking about what to add on the left, to add dark, and thinking about my style and wanting to include a NZ something led to the dark fern stencil
then repeating that colour a bit in the background before adding the stars
which led back to the star in her hair...and the found words came last. I think she is my favourite spread in my art journal this year ♥
You can still join us in Book of Days 2019 HERE and check out what's happening in 2020 HERE (excited!)


  1. This is really lovely. Your face shading is beautifully done. And the texture is a plus. The fern and star in her hair are just the right touch. Well done.

  2. Super cool - so much texture! I LOVE that fern leaf print. (I know it's stencilled but it looks like a print!)


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