Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Any Occasion Cards

I love making cards and I haven't done a batch for a while. My go-to supplies are using serviettes, stencils, and sari ribbon with machine stitching. Mostly I finish with some found words. This first was recently made for a bereavement
I had a few birthdays that I wanted to make cards for recently and one of my friends had asked if I would ever make cards with my art on them. I have done this previously, so was happy to be reminded. I printed some of my faces onto photo paper and that gave me a few easy options. 
When I was preparing for my stencil class I had a wee play with spray and printing and got these bases made
Not long after I needed to make another birthday card : 
Unfortunately I'd forgotten how reactive to wet media the dylusions spray is. I think it looks okay now finished but you can see where it blended where I didn't intend when I initially glued down the serviette. The rest of the batch got a spray of workable fixative before I decided next steps.
As it turned out, I used stickers next. Aren't they pretty? And I still had some of my own art printed from before, so I decided I'd stick them down too. 
The butterfly addition was inspired by the other butterflies on the stenciled cards. The next night it was time to be inspired by gorgeous sari ribbon and my sewing machine
I decided that in fact these cards are ready to stash as ready for the next occasion. All they need are some found words to be finished.
I can add whimsy, or birthday greetings - these words are not glued down. I have yet to decide how they will be completed
I threaded my machine with different cotton, and the remaining faces got some sari ribbon and stitch treatment 
I really love how I now have a stash of cards that can still be personalised when I have a specific need.These hopefully will keep me going until I'm ready to make my Christmas batch


  1. Iam in awe of how much you get done.

    1. I am a bit too Sue when I actually notice it on the blog! It's a case of a little and often...and not much concerned with housework ;-) I might do another post about how I do it though. I still wish I had more time with more to show for it!

  2. They're lovely and they inspire me to think differently about "occasion" cards.

    1. Thanks Zsuzsa. The usual birthdays but also Random acts of kindness ♥


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