Sunday, September 1, 2019

Klimt in the garden with Rumi : August art card

Ready to share my next art card inspired by Effy's A Year of Rumi online class. These art cards present special challenges to me since they are only 5 3/4" square. Always start with gatherings - I know I'm going to use a candle to symbolise the light and I already have all my quotes printed in the same font
I love stenciling and am teaching a class in this next week - I'm also very inspired by turquoise at the moment and I think it will make a lovely night time suggestion without being too dark
Next I decided to add some pretty washi tape for more subtle background interest and trial positioning my candle and quote
Before I stitch anything down I check and see I've got Klimt covered with my patterned fabric and the gold (+ I always use metallic thread) but what am I going to have for my in the garden element? Having sorted that, the machine stitching with gold metallic thread begins
Once I've finished stitching down all my elements, I always find a suitable fabric to put over the back and machine stitch right around the edge. 
This is my completed card for August. 
Find out more about the "A Year with Rumi" class with Effy Wild HERE. Check out the rest of my art card series HERE.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sue. A bit in love with turquoise at the moment!

  2. Your stenciling and colors are a perfect backdrop. Well done!

    1. Thanks Nancy - sometimes inspiration takes a while but it's worth the wait :-)


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