Thursday, September 12, 2019

Inspired by....

Online art classes for 2020 have begun to be advertised. I always feel a bit overwhelmed trying to decide if I want to do none or all of them! If you want to get a taste for what Life Book 2020 is all about, you can join the FREE Creativity and Wellbeing summit which this year runs 16-30 September. Sign up HERE
Enjoy Free Access to 30 Inspiring Interviews and 30 Art + Wellness activities!
Learn how creativity can support your wellness and happiness in life!
I've never done "Let's Face It" but it looks really good - read all about it HERE.
Registrations open 14 October, and REALLY Early Bird special of US$99 ends November 30. If you follow that link you can also go on a blog hop to win a free place.
Alisa Burke also has a new online Art Journal class which begins September 23rd. I am ALWAYS inspired by her work.
Find out more HERE - early bird registration US$35 until it launches. 
What's inspiring you? Any FREE classes you know about that I might not? Please share!


  1. Thanks again for this post. I signed up for the taster for the Summit.
    I think that all the classes I know about are people I follow after reading about them on your blog.

  2. Aren't online courses just the best? I enroll in lots of them and enjoy every one.

    1. Me too - just never enough time! ALWAYS learn something though :-)

  3. After leaving my comment, I got a notice about this mixed media class of interest. You might want to check it out.

  4. I'm doing the creativity summit - dipping in and out. Last year there were some amazing freebies, like one of Donna Downey's courses (10X10X10 canvases), so worth checking all the links!

    1. Always worth signing up even there are only a couple that appeal. Having a bit of 'mare of a week but the summit does hop into the first weekend of our hols so I might get something done eventually.


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