Thursday, July 11, 2019

Face image transfers in your journal

Last month, I shared my samples in my journal from when I taught a class about transferring an image from your printer to your journal. Apply gel medium (I use 3D gloss super heavy Reeves) and adhere your image face down smoothing to make sure there are no bubbles. When dry, spray with a water bottle and rub the paper off gently leaving the ink transfer behind. The black and white image was a photocopy, and the colour from my home printer (Canon MX726). Both worked really well. Great free images available from Unsplash
I purposely demoed for the class in my journal so I had 2 pages begun. Now it's holidays I've had time to get back to them and I'm really thrilled with how the first one evolved....Simply started with black gesso, black posca pen and skin toned acrylic paint just to get the basic shapes in. I fancy doing something special in all that black hair. 
Once I did that blocking and it dried I realised that there was still quite a bit of pilling from the paper underneath - perhaps I should have done another wet and wipe. Anyway - covered with clear gesso and then proceeded. The rest is in photos only - click on any to see larger. 
Will share the other face next time.


  1. What a fun lesson! And your image turned out so well. I've had mixed results, but had not tried the heavy gloss medium. Thanks for the link, too. I need some face images.

    1. Really glad I did the class samples in my journal. She would never have appeared otherwise. Great to have some different face angles


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