Sunday, April 21, 2019

Book of Days : April with Cary Cutler Scholes

Book of Days 2019 is a year-long online class produced by Effy Wild, which will also feature 13 ‘all star’ journal art teachers and at least 12 ‘rising star’ bonus teachers. This was our preview of lessons for April : 
This month our all star teacher is Cary Cutler Scholes. 
She began with a collaged background and the outline of mother and daughter nestled in the top left photo, and then filled in the background with caran d'ache neocolor II crayons blended with gesso. I just love how soft and pretty that looked. Here's my beginning
I love how all the collage elements show through the background colour. I wanted to tilt the heads differently to fit my spread and also because I quite liked this side-tilted head that I did with Effy last year and thought it would be fun to try that effect again
Here's how my page developed
Took several days - I've been busy this holidays...oh how I love stencils in my backgrounds ♥
Face outlining using my favourite polychromos coloured pencils - love the effect with blending stump for soft line. 
Hope you are having a happy Easter weekend with people you love.
You can still join us in Book of Days HERE


  1. Oh my, very well done! I like the collage showing through, too, and your shading is really lovely.

  2. Happy Easter Nancy ♥ Thanks for your always thoughtful comments. I was very happy with how this finished up.

  3. So pretty! The colours work so well in the final version. Those faces have a very tranquil and calming affect. I'm intrigued by those April projects coming up, especially the abstract. Look forward to seeing your version if you're taking part. Hope you had a lovely Easter and happy ANZAC day for tomorrow!

  4. Thanks lovely - I have had a bit of an up and down April so the faces were my April soothe and love at the time. Hoping there'll be a bit more art before the end of the's slipping by so fast though. Family time this afternoon for ANZAC xo


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