Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Klimt in the Garden with Rumi : Close your eyes....

The Rumi quote for February was "Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there". I think there might be two art pieces that come from this. First I'm working on my art card for my Klimt in the Garden with Rumi project. February was back to work after holidays and in full Summer. This month's inspiration thoughts for gatherings are roses, monarch butterflies, the yellow and gold of the sun, and I want to use my "The Kiss" serviette to bring Klimt together with Rumi. I used this on the box too, so a challenge to use it differently
First was to tear the serviette smaller and make some initial gatherings 
On the box, I had used beading and she held a large heart (polymer clay made by me)
I thought I'd like to repeat those ideas but in a different way
Really fun to use the longer beads on his garment this time. I found a lovely magazine image of a monarch butterfly on a flower and thought that would go very well with the organza ribbon as a hot summer sun ♥
The swirly lemon fabric ended up being perfect for the backing
Loving how every card is different but part of the whole story ♥ See all my postings about this project by clicking HERE.
Find out more about the "A Year with Rumi" class with Effy Wild HEREYou can also enjoy this class by joining Effy's Patreon account and paying monthly. 

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