Friday, November 16, 2018

Trying a different style of face

As part of a special art bundle deal last year I got Dina Wakley's Facing the Facts online class. Decided I would try this different style of face in my journal - she uses a stabilo all pencil in a different way than I'm used to, and she does lovely patchy backgrounds and makes use of white space where I'm more of a layered background girl. So I thought I'd give it a go to see what I thought.
First - a playful quick background using stencils and paint and a bit of Dylusions round the edges (the pink) ♥ 
Ended up doing it as a spread to use up paint on the right side and I smooshed pages together to pick up the excess Dylusions ink too. I WAS trying to leave white least there's space for the face and maybe I can add some white paint later. Began with Stabilo All Pencil (watersoluble) quick drawing
and then added water - leaving her raw like this ♥
Loved how she turned out so much I decided to try a side-tilted one on the other page
Don't love her as much - maybe too dark? I decided to add white pen work. Happy to be adding the white dots and the heart in her top lip - feel like these are becoming part of my signature style.
And that's another spread completed in my altered art journal ♥
I've found these 2 videos FREE on YouTube which show Dina demonstrating drawing a face and painting a face so you can have a go at her methods if you like. See you tomorrow for my #arteveryday review of Week 2 in November.


  1. Very nice, and it's always good to try a new direction. Isn't Stabilo pencil something- it really changes your sketch.

  2. Stabilo is amazing. Trying out different styles is fun and helps to clarify for me what my style really is. Happy weekend :-)

  3. These are so good and definitely different from your usual style. Loving the background as well with those deep plum/orange/pink tones!

  4. Yes I love those backgrounds - need to get more inky again - I love the effects ♥


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