Monday, November 19, 2018

Recycled doodle journals : Faces

I've completed another doodled girl - white pen work over a recycled magazine face. This is how she developed
I love taking the process photos and seeing how these evolve and the spread is transformed from the original glued pictures
They are a perfect project to achieve with small pockets of time if you try to #arteverydaySee all my recycled doodle journal art HERE.


  1. I'm loving these! I'm thinking I need to collect up some magazine picks and have a go. I always want to add doodling to things, but am always worrying I'll spoil my work. Doodling on magazine pictures seems like it would be a great way of practicing without fear of ruining something.

  2. Lovely to see the sequenced photos! I'll be putting these magazine doodled images on my playlist for 2019.

  3. Yay - so happy to hear that I am inspiring others. These really are fun to do, and as you say - no fear of mucking up cos it's just recycling ♥


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