Saturday, April 21, 2018

Free online workshop

I always like to pass on free online opportunities for learning. This one is called Sketchbook Revival and you can sign up HERE
The workshop officially begins April 23rd and runs through May 4th. Each day you'll get an email with links to the two sessions of the day. The artists leading the sessions will share their passions for creating in a sketchbook with everything from ink, to watercolor and mixed media, and also how sketchbooks can be tools for recording daily life, developing personal style, connecting with intution, emotional well being, and so much more.
You're free to do as many of the sessions as you’d like, from all to just a couple, whatever serves you best. 
**All sessions will be available until May 18th so there is plenty of time.
Not sure that that IS plenty of time, but sometimes a deadline can make you hone in on what you really want to learn. There's also a FB group to join. I figure even if there's one artist to inspire you, it's worth it. I know Tam from Willowing is teaching this : 
And you can find the entire list of teachers if you follow the link to sign up. Did you know I have a list (top right column beneath my profile) of all the cheap and free online art courses I've come across? Won't be adding this one because it's a short time frame, but that's worth checking out if you need fresh inspiration.

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