Sunday, April 8, 2018

And the sky is purple...

I started this page with finger painting and this song in my head by Six60 - one of my favourite kiwi bands :  
And the sky is purple, purple, purple...
I'ma keep shining
I'ma keep shining all my love
{If you're new here, SHINE is my word of the year} I used my fingers to apply acrylic paint
along with some of my recently made hand-carved stamps and simple drywall tape - still applying the paint with my fingers
Lovely textures
When I got to this point, I could see a face....
Details refined
I had added some gold for Shine, and thought she was done, but took a photo just to be sure
Always a good idea for a different perspective - suddenly obvious she needs more of a suggestion of hair. Now it's done and I LOVE it/her
This is truly intuitive painting : Organic, unexpected and completely original by me ♥


Nancy said...

This is a wonderful effort. The colors, the face... all wonderful. You've inspired me and I'm going to try some hand carved stamps.

Lynette (NZ) said...

That makes me so happy Nancy - I love her, but love even more that I have inspired you ♥ Happy creative week

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