Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 46

I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 46 : Incorporate fabric into your pageAnd from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE : 
Prompt:  Changing colours
Technique:  Exploring the colour wheel
Quote: You are allowed to change ~ anonymous
I thought I'd start with the colour wheel, and I'm trying a multi-day spread with the page divided as learned in some Book of Days lessons this past year. It's a great way to build up a page over time and is how I mostly work (micro-movements = a little and often)
DAY1 : a butterfly at the centre - she needs to be from all around the colour wheel and then I'm going to explore a part of the wheel for each section. And of course she needs a touch of gold ♥ This will remind me that I did face painting for children at our school Gala on Saturday 
Then I added base colours for each section of the colour wheel - keeping to lighter so easier to build up layers on top. No idea where it will go next but hopefully something will come to me tomorrow...
DAY 2 : pink suggests roses to me and we had a major clean up day in the garden on Sunday. Used lovely tombows - colour then spray with water and blend with a brush for lovely soft watercolour effects
The leaves are bronze because that fits this section of the colour wheel - I did my best to disguise the pink background. When dry the colour faded right off - I think probably because applied over acrylic rather than watercolour paper. That's not my usual experience with these pens.
DAY 3 : lots of coffee dates organised to catch up with lovely friends this week. Searched for an appropriate simple clip art mug with heart and transferred outline by tracing over graphite paper. I will add their names as we meet up
This was quick and the rose from yesterday is too insipid for my liking - added more colour with distress paint and then glazes - I ♥ what glazes can do
DAY 4 - incorporate fabric - temperatures are warming up. Summer is on its way - I wanted to use this lovely bathing beauty and the brighter blue background looks far better than the lavender did.
DAY 5. Last week I did a post about Thinking what to sign up for in 2018. The words are what I need to hear often - and I'd used the right colour in my post so just copied and pasted and printed on a word document to include here. When unsure what to do, I am led by my heart ♥ And even though the green I began with now looks yellow, it serves the other prompts! Changing colours and You are allowed to change 
Really happy with how the completed spread looks. 
You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE.

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