Thursday, June 1, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 22

Hello June! I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 22 : Draw, sketch or paint a house. And from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE 
Quote - "Boldly be a Pop of Color in a Black & White World"
Prompt - Layer stencils and use baby wipes to erase and soften
Technique- Make a shaped flap/page in your journal
I started by scraping some gesso and paint on my spread and an extra piece that will somehow become the shaped flap later. Then I added some small areas of colour and while they were still wet I used a baby wipe through stencil gaps. Haven't done this in a while - must do it more often.
Bit dark at this stage so thought I would use a lovely flower mask in a couple of different ways : 
On the right I used it with white paint as you traditionally would - sponged over the mask. On the left, I laid the white paint down, and then removed with a baby wipe while paint still wet. I can't decide which layered look I like best ♥ The one on the right is the loose page, so that became the one I trimmed and added with tape for the shaped flapThis open side will be where my journaling for the week goes since it's all lovely and muted. On the back of the flap I'd cleaned off some stencil and I added a torn piece of colour from the  bit I'd cut off the front. 
I decided I wanted some more blue for the background of my house so on the remaining page I sprayed Dylusions through a circle stencil, then printed with the inky stencil on the left, before going back and dragging some of the wet Dylusions ink on the right through a pretty decorative stencil. See this idea demonstrated by Dina Wakley on YouTube HERE.
Then it was time to draw, sketch or paint a house - I made mine from torn inky papers. The sketch/draw bit is that I outlined and added the heart with smudged Stabilo pencil.
Here's the open spread ready for this week's daily journaling
and here it is with the shaped flap closed
Although June is the official start of our winter, it's a big birthday month for me - Exciting!! You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE.


  1. I loved seeing your process and progress. I feel like I have probably said that before, but I really do love seeing how things transform. It is fascinating to see someone else make choices as those choices are seldom the ones I would have thought of. The colors you used created such a lovely undulating feeling. I am mesmerized by them.

  2. Thanks so much Lynda - I love making art cos of the process. I never know where I'm going to end up :-)

  3. So many ideas and techniques on just one page! Loving the shaped flap! The colours harmonize beautifully!


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