Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sari ribbon slow cloth

At last my hand stitched sari ribbon piece is complete
See how it started here. Got a bit stuck with it 1/2 way through so took a photo of it, and printed it out in black and white. Then doodled on it one night with a pen repeating ideas of stitching and that became my pattern. (if you click on the pic below you can properly see the pen ideas drawn on the photocopy)
Will use this idea again if I become stuck.


  1. So beautiful. It begs to be touched!

  2. This was an interesting piece - so much to look at and try to follow how you had woven the pieces. Very nice!

  3. it looks fabulous - thanks for posting - and i agree about the black and white - should do that more often

  4. Beautiful work, love the texture on the little squares, I'm still working on mine... Mx

  5. lovely result, so glad you enjoyed the technique....

  6. oh yes, lovely! great minds think alike...:-)


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