Thursday, May 17, 2018

#100daysofstitch : Week 6

Lovely stitch inspiration this past week. Our annual Tote & Gloat quilt show was on Saturday. I did a complete post of inspiration from the day HERE in my previous post. 
I've been thinking about creative priorities and how I can achieve more in the time I have and focusing on one project at a time seems to be more effective than jumping around between several projects. Jessica Abel's free mini course called Creative Compass focuses on why you should have one creative goal, and how you can choose that goal. If you just want to find out about why you should concentrate on one project at a time, read THIS. So, no further progress to share about my next quilt, but definitely lots of progress on my cotton reel book.
I added hand stitching and button embellishment this week and am very pleased to report that I have now done my entire base layer length - had to photograph in 2 parts and they look tiny but you can see larger if you click on the photos
I have gathered some materials for next layers, so I'll be concentrating on adding those in the hopes of sharing the completed project very soon.
I'm still calling these posts #100daysofstitch although I've stopped counting days. I hope to continue to post regularly about stitching projects in progress.

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