Sunday, February 25, 2018

#52stamps : Week 8

The challenge = to share at least one new stamp made by me weekly in 2018. 
A few weeks ago I was thinking about what I'd like as additional background stamps and I shared these 3 stamps that I made and use regularly
I made a larger border stamp and uneven crosses in week 4
and this week I was inspired to create another scribbly circle. It was so easy and fun that I immediately used it on the journal page I was working on ♥
I'm reminding myself that one new stamp is all I need to meet the challenge, but when it's as easy as that it's tempting to make another....
Maybe I'll try something a bit harder next week...or not! Have to wait and see what inspiration strikes. You can see all my posts about #52stamps HERE or you can join in on Instagram.

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